Crucial 16GB Desktop RAM

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Key Features

Model: BL16G26C16U4W.M8FE1
Capacity: 16 GigaByte
Features: DDR4 Technology
Frequency: 2666 MHz
Operating Voltage: 1.35V

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Brand Crucial
Memory Platform Desktop
Capacity 16GB
Type w/XMP DDR4
Speed (MHz) 2666 Mhz
Warranty 03 Years

The Crucial 16 GB DDR4 2666 BUS Desktop RAM is a high-quality memory module that offers several features to enhance your desktop computer’s performance. Here are some of its key features:

  • DDR4 Technology: The DDR4 technology offers faster speeds and lower power consumption compared to DDR3, making it more efficient and faster for applications.
  • 2666 BUS Speed: With a clock speed of 2666 MHz, this RAM module can transfer data at a rate of 2.6 billion cycles per second, providing speedy performance and improved response times for your applications.
  • 16 GB Capacity: The 16 GB capacity provides sample space for most desktop applications, including web browsing, office productivity, and light gaming
  • Heat Sink: The heat sink design helps to dissipate heat and maintain stable performance even under heavy use, ensuring that your RAM module performs at its best under pressure.
  • Easy Installation: The Crucial 16 GB DDR4 2666 BUS Desktop RAM module is easy to install and is compatible with most desktop motherboards that support DDR4 memory.
  • Affordable: This RAM module is an affordable option for users who want to enhance their system’s performance without spending too much money.


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