Mapesen 2MP 4-in-1 Bullet Camera

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Key Features

2.0 MP 4-IN-1 Bullet Camera
Model: MP-P1AH209F
Lens: 3.6MM/PAL
Power: DC 12V

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1. Brief Introduction
4-IN-1 HD Camera is with AHD, CVI, TVI and CVBs video output and different mode switch by button
on the camera cable or via UTC OSD menu, so it can work with AHD, TVI, CVI or CVBS Recorder. In the
same definition, AHD/TVI/CVI is much better than CVBS on the image quality.

2.Product Feature
*Higher Definition: Using advanced Y/C separation technology signal filter, noise reducing technology
to make the picture higher definition and color rendition better.
*No Delay: Signal being transmitted to the device without coding compression, full real-time and high
*Easy Operation: Four types video output is operated by button on the camera cable or via UTC
(coaxial control)in the XVR.
*Long Transmission: Standard coaxial cable up to 500 meters distance.
*Good Compatibility: Support 4-in-1 mode which can be more compatible with AHD,TVI,CVI or normal analog video recorder.

3. Application
It can be used in Financial service field,
supermarket, wireless communication, government, school, air-port, factory, hotel and other place that higher
definition monitoring needed.

4. Interface specification
4-1. Button Switch Cable Interface

Item Function
1 Power
2 Video
3 Mode switch
Mode switch instruction
* Press the button in the cable 5S to switch to next mode.
*Mode switch in turn is AHD-CVBS-CVI-TVI.
AHD Press for TVI
5 seconds to change CVI the video output CVBS

4-2. Normal Cable Interface
Different mode switch by UTC OSD menu (for normal camera) if needed. Connect the camera with XVR, and
open the camera OSD menu via UTC (coaxial control)in the XVR, then choose the needed single
mode in the video output column, click Apply and Restart, when image shows, it means successfully

5. Installation
* Please use 12V2A power adaptor, or else the camera cannot work or be damaged.
*Please use proper camera bracket.
* Please use 750 coaxial cable to connect camera with DVR.
*Power on the camera

6. FAQ
(1)No image on screen *Check if the camera is with 12V DC power input
and its polarity is correct or not.
*Check if the cable connecting the camera with DVR is well.
*Check if the camera video pattern matching w:il with the DVR.
(2)Image is not clear * Check if the camera video pattern matching well
with the DVR.
*Check if the camera lens is properly adjusted.
* Check if the camera lens and cover is clear. If not, can use soft cloth to clean it.
* Please check if there is strong electromagnetic interference
*Please use good quality video cable and make sure is connected well and corrected.
Please use good quality power adaptor.
*Please check if the camera video pattern is matched with DVR.

*Please check camera IR led and switcher is function well.
*Adjust install position, avoid IR reflection
*Check if the camera lens and cover is clear. if not
can use soft cloth to clean it.

7. Notice
* Keep indoor device from water or damp.
* Please don’t throw the camera on the floor or hit it strongly.
*Please make sure the power adaptor is specified voltage before usage.
*Avoid strong light(such as sun light, lamplight) to the product. Or else, the image may be too bright or
exposure of line sequence.
*Please don’t put the product in a place where is wet, dusty, temperature is too high or too low or
strong electromagnet
* Do not touch directly the CMOS or lens. If necessary, please use soft cloth with alcohol to
clean it carefully.
*Please place the camera on the ground in where is frequently thundering and rainy.
*If the camera is not working as usual, please pull the plug and contact us for technical support. Please
do not down or change the device without authorization
*According to different video patter, use suitable DVR electromagnetic.

8. Equipment list
* Camera *1PC.
*Screw package *1PC.
* The instructions *1PC.

Warranty: 01 Year


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