Mapesen 4MP Full Color POE IP Camera

৳ 4,500.00

Key Features

4.0 MP Audio Full Color POE IP Camera
Model: MP-L2KQ401LFA2-P
Lens: 3.6MM
Power: DC 12V/POE

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1.Real-time Preview

After successful login, the interface is as follows:

Note: The device needs to be inserted with a TF card as a full function     displayinterface, otherwise, the device is a simple display interface.

2.1 Full Screen Preview Click the full screen Iconto preview the full screen, and press ESC toexitthe full screen.

2.2 PTZ Control: ZO0M+FOCUS+IRIS+

·PTZ Control: Eight direction keys can control the rotation of front-endequipment, and the middle is automatic rotation.
·ZOOM: Adjustable zoom size.
·FOCUSE:Adjustable focus size.
·IRIS: Adjustable iris size.
·Speed: The slider can control the speed of the PTZ.

preset Point Setting: First, turn the camera to the desired position through the direction button controlled by the PTZ, then select a preset number in the “presetpoint” drop-down list, and finally click the e setting button.
preset Point Call: Select a preset number to be called from the “preset point” drop-down list, and then click the+ call button.

·Capture: review the snapshot, and click it to automatically pop up the snapshot saving path file
·Sound: Turn on/off sound preview.
·Talk: Turn on/off voice intercom.

2.3 Stream Type Selection
Select the current main stream preview or sub stream oreview.

2.4 Display Intelligent Detection Show Smart Detection Rule Show Smart Detection Result
·Display Inteligent Detection Rules:  Select whether to display intelligent detection types
·Display Intelligent Detection Results: Select whether to display the statistical results of intelligent detection.

3.Parameter Configuration
Note: The device needs to be inserted with a TF card as a full function display interface, otherwise, the device is a simple display interface.

4.1 Device Information
Device format
·Equipment Name:The name of the equipment can be set.
·Equipment Type:Displays the equipment type.
·Serial Number:Displays the product serial number.
·Master Version:Displays the software program version date.
·Hardware Version:Displays the version number of the hardware motherboard
·System:PAL and NTSC image system can be switched.

4.2 Time Settings

·Manual Timing: Set IPC time manually.
·Synchronization With PC: Synchronize the current PC time

4.3 Audio Settings

Audio Settings Mic In input Volume 50 Output Volume 90
·Audio Source: Select microphone or line in.
·Input Volume: Set the volume of audio input.
·Output Volume: Set the volume of audio output.

4.4 Display Settings

·OSD Font:The OSD font size of the interface cin be adjusted
·Time OSD:rime OSD format and position can be adjusted
·Title OSD:Adjust the content, format and location of the title OSD.
·Multiline OSD:Add multiline user-defined OsD character content and position, and you can select whether to display it.
·Hue:Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue can be adjusted.4.5 Encoding Settings

Warranty: 01 Year


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