Mapesen 2MP Network POE Camera

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Key Features

2.0 MP Network POE Camera
Model: MP-P1AQ200F-P
Lens: 3.6MM
Power: DC 12V/POE

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1. Real-time Preview
After successful login, the interface is as follows:
Note: The device needs to be inserted with a TF card as a full function display
interface, otherwise, the device isa simple display interface.
2.1 Full Screen Preview
Click the full screen icon @to preview the full screen, and press ESC to exit the full screen.
2.2 PTZ Control N002十FOCus +S11+5
·PTZ Control: Eight direction keys can control the rotation of front-end equipment, and the middle is automatic rotation.
·ZOOM: Adjustable zoom size.
·FOCUSE: Adjustable focus size.
·IRIS: Adjustable iris size.
·Speed: The slider can control the speed of the PTZ
·Preset Point Setting: First, turn the camera to the desired position through the direction button controlled by the PTZ, then select a preset number in the “preset point” drop-down list, and finally click the o setting button.
·Preset Point Call: Select a preset number to be called from the “preset pointe” drop-down list, and then click the→call button.
·Capture: Preview the snapshot, and click it to automatically pop up the snap shot saving path file.
·Sound Turn on/off sound preview.
·Talk: Turn on/off voice intercom Main Stream
2.3 Stream Type Selection
Select the current main stream preview or sub stream preview.
2.4 Display Intelligent Detection Show Smart Detection Rule Show Smart Detection Result
·Display Intelligent Detection Rules: Select whether to display intelligent detection types.
·Display Intelligent Detection Results: Select whether to display the statistical results of intelligent detection.
3. Play back error Click “Video Playback” to enter the playback interface. select the time to call the video, click “SEARCH” button the video will be automatically retrieved. Play: Start current playback Stop: Stop current playback Slow: Slow down playback speed(1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16 times respectively).
Fast: Speed up playback(2,4,8,16 times respectively).Full Screen: The playback screen will be displayed in full screen.
Sound: The sound in the video can be turned on/off. Double click the position of the search bar to play, or click the “Play/”button to start playback.
Note: This function requires the device to support TF card storage.
4.1 Time Settings
·Manual Timing: Set IPC time manually.
·Synchronization With PC: Synchronize the current PC time.
4.2  Audio Settings
·Audio Source: Select microphone or line in.
·Input Volume: Set the volume of audio input.
·Output Volume: Set the volume of audio output.
·Video Frame Rate: Different values can be selected from the drop down list The default value is Full Frame Rate.
·Code Type: Including H264/H265.·Code Level: You can select a code level, including Baseline, Main profile, and High Profile.
·I Frame Interval: l frame interval can be set.
·Bit Rate Type: Including fixed rate and variable rate.
·Bit Rate: Different bit rates can be set for different channels.
·Image Quality: Six types can be selected: Best/Sub Good/Good/Average/Poor/Worst.4.8 Image Parameter senage Parameters35
·Day Night Switch: Divided into external trigger, automatic, color, black and white. The day and night switching mode of non infrared network model is automatic by default, and the day and night mode of infrared network model is external trigger by default. The user selects the day and night switching mode according to the network machine model and the actual use scenario. Color Mode: Divided into three types: Standard, gorgeous and natural. The color mode defaults to standard. IRCUT Trigger: It is divided into forward/reverse, which is related to the actual IRCUT hardware.
Switching Time: The day night switching delay value (0-30)is 3 seconds by default. Day Night Switching Threshold: The default value is 20,and the threshold range is 0-255. The value can be adjusted according to customer needs Night Day Switching Threshold: The default value is 35, and the threshold range is0-255. The value can be adjusted according to customer needs.
·Fill Light Setting: Light mode,switchin3 mode and light brightness can be set.
·Advanced Settings: You can set image mode, wide dynamic mode, 3D time domain, sharpness, defogging function, night frame reduction, and white balance.
·Exposure Control: Backlight mode, exposure allocation strategy, gain control, shutter and infrared light receiving can be set
·GAMMA: GAMMA value and power frequency can be set.4.9 Motion Detection Motion Detection
·Parameter Setting: You can set whether to enable the detection function, set the detection sensitivity, and set the detection area.
·Deployment Time: You can set the deployment time from Monday to Sunday
·Linkage Setting: You can set the linkage to upload email, video, FTPB alarm light, alarm output, capture, and voice broadcast.
Warranty: 01 Year


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